We all know home maintenance is crucial for a well-being of the house. In fact, it’s a smart approach to invest some money into repairs and replacements before they become due. It is a common knowledge that the monetary costs for an actual repair increase exponentially when they become of an immediate necessity. Also, your house looks great, there are no unattractive cracks in crown molding in sight, and even the paint jobs extend their life.

We, at Ontario Caulking, stand by our best-in-business 15-yr guarantee for our work. If there’s old caulking that needs to be removed, you’ve come to the right professionals. Whether it’s sealing around the tubs or keeping your house intact for the harsh, wet, and cold Ontario winters, proper caulking proactively addresses these inconveniences by preventing mold formation in the walls, keeping the unwanted condensation, water, and air on the outside.

Such proper house-keeping also eases the hit on your wallet. Energy bills don’t increase, and you save money by caulking before it gets too late and you must change the house building materials which is always more expensive.

We remove old Caulking. Making additional alterations if there is big dirt between the frame and the stone. We use only high quality material. The guarantee is 15 years, downspouts,